Welcome to the Reflective Music website. We thank you for bearing with us as we've undergone some construction. But we're back and ready to present our music and art even better than before!!! #SEEYOURSELF

Reflective Music, LLC is a career assistance firm for urban recording artists. Based out of the Midwest, the company provides creative, administrative, and managerial services to independent artists so they may have representation and a support staff while remaining in charge of their careers. Reflective Music’s culture is that of a helpful nature. The company believes in being artist driven and doing whatever it can to help its clients succeed. In order to make clients feel cared about and considered, Reflective fosters a friendly and even family-like atmosphere. This also provides a change from what they have received from other firms and entities. Teamwork and collaboration are two of the pillars on which the company stands.

See Yourself Tour Dates 


This is a very exciting time! We are days away from the kickoff of the See Yourself Tour at Refuge Live!!! The preparation on this end is going very well and we're looking forward to producing some amazing shows. It has been an uphill battle and there have been some struggles behind the scenes, but we're looking forward to having a fulfilling and productive experience.  

Speaking of which, we are happy to announce that the tour schedule for the summer leg has been finalized!!! Y'all cannot…

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See Yourself