D2G - Jack'n 4 Beats

D2G is back at it!!! After placing second in last year's Jack'N for Beats Chicago contest, he is now competing at the National level!!! Already awarded the title for best in Chicago, he is pursuing the National title, which includes a $10K prize and a studio session with DJ Khaled!!! In order to secure his spot among the top ten in the nation, however, he needs our help!!!

The rubric for getting into the top ten is 75% online voting, 25% judging score. So, we have to vote daily in order to make sure he has that 75% on lock!!! Go here to check out his video and vote for him. They have him listed as "DG2" for some odd reason *pained expression*, but we already know what it is!!! Let's give 2G the national platform that he so richly deserves!!! 

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