Singer/songwriter TY was born in Des Plaines, IL. She began singing at an early age in church. Music became a mainstay in her life and she clung to it throughout her various moves due to her mother’s military career. After graduating from high school, she began recording with Andre Simmons, becoming a part of the Society Entertainment camp. 

Life has not been without its share of hardship for her. After losing her mother in 2012 and becoming a victim of domestic abuse shortly thereafter, the vocalist thought she’d never sing again. However, the birth of her son re-awakened her passion for music and she became one of the main singers for the Simmons-fronted band, Johnny Kilroy. As a part of the unit, TY performed in iconic Chicago venues such as Double Door, The Vic and the legendary House of Blues. 

In 2016, Johnny Kilroy shared stages with Reflective Music as part of their See Yourself Tour, leading to TY forming relationships with the Reflective artists and CEO Andre DuBois. In 2019, released her debut single, “2 Faces," to critical acclaim after consulting with DuBois on the recording. Following a special guest performance at a Reflective Music Anniversary party, DuBois signed TY to the company as a solo artist. 

Currently, TY is working on her debut project while continuing to perform with Johnny Kilroy. With the project release, her goal is to reach supporters with her relatable content and expose all sides of her artistry.


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