The Workout Session

Magix King

"When this mix-tape drops on February 28, 2014, don't miss it, go and get it. There is no way you will not anticipate the summertime Chi when you can drop your windows and cruise down Lake Shore Dr., Stony, King Dr. Western, and the Dan Ryan bumping the beats. If I am wrong, after you listen on February 28th to The Workout Session…then let me know, otherwise I hope you will be sharing the music with your family, friends, Facebooking, Tweeting, Instagramming the cover, requesting it on the radio, and demanding it the next time you go out. Chicago artists exist, and we have to make them heard. Especially this one.

This has been a MsRiss4U exclusive and remember…I told you first." -Marissa Ford…ixking.html

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