Magix King, born and raised on the Southside of Chicago, has been practicing the art of hip-hop since first hearing a cypher in the park. Growing up, he was surrounded by distractions, but the love for music always kept his mind focused. Being family-oriented, connecting with someone and having the desire to comfort and entertain came naturally. 

While growing, practicing and perfecting his art, Magix understood that along with having a great music library, timing is everything. In 2012, Magix released his first solo mixtape entitled Dream Catcher. As a result, the emcee was given the opportunity to perform in Luxembourg, making serious impacts on audiences across the country. Upon his return, Magix began work on his follow-up project and released The Workout Session in 2014. With these projects under his belt and the support of Donda's House, Magix began performing around the city more and producing his own shows. As a result, he is becoming known, not only as an incredible lyricist, but an amazing showman as well.

Magix recently teamed up with Reflective Music, LLC after performing on numerous bills with the company's roster. He is currently working on a new project entitled Sick Summer, which is due out in the second quarter of 2016. Additionally, as a new addition to the Reflective roster, he is preparing to join the company's See Yourself Tour. When asked about his main focus, he emphasizes that he's concentrating on the music and the people. “Hip-Hop is in a state of transition where people are beginning to miss the feelings that they once felt when listening." There's no question that he's on a quest to satisfy that need.