Theori Fine Arts Center

The purpose of art is to bring beauty to the world.  Every person looking to bring that beauty to our world deserves an opportunity to create and share their art.  Reflective Music and Theori Stages have teamed up to provide that opportunity for Chicago's South Side with the Theori Fine Arts Center (TFAC).  
Theori Fine Arts Center is a 20,000 sq/ft, two floor creation and performance facility.  The venue will feature (1) Grande Theater, (1) Black Box theater, (4) Dance Studios, (2) Recording Studios, (2) Music Rehearsal Rooms, (2) Video Editing Bays, (1) Photography Studio, (1) Video Production Room, and (1) Conference Room.  

The concept behind TFAC is to give artists who do not have the funds, political connections, and staffing, the opportunity to workshop, market, and produce their work at a polished, professional level. Theori Stages and our sister company Reflective Music would function as mentors for new artists, looking for an outlet for their messages. 

We would provide the venue, experience, and (when necessary) the staffing to materialize their concepts while allowing them to EARN money from their craft as opposed to going further into debt trying to create. This will create opportunities in our neighborhoods. It will give young people a place to be, besides on the streets. Our elders will be able to share our collective history. Most importantly, we will be realizing dreams and hopefully saving lives.

It will be a cultural and social boon to our community. 

What We Need

Our ultimate goal is to raise $2.5 Million in two phases. The timeline for Phase 1 anticipates completion in October of 2015. Phase 2 begins with the opening of Theori Fine Arts Center and has a 3 year outlook.

Our Phase 1 Goals  ($250,000) are:
$75, 000 for the down payment and build out of the venue. 
$150,000 for equipment (i.e. lights, cameras, audio equipment)
$25,000 seed funds for community outreach (After School Programs, Community Enrichment Partnerships, Mentorships)

Our Phase 2 Goals ($2,250,000):
Grand Opening and initial season of performances
Creating 50 new employment opportunities
Purchasing the venue outright 
Granting Fellowship to new Chicago Artists
Launching our Community Enrichment Partnerships

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