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See Yourself Tour Dates, Pt. 2 


It's definitely been a while since we posted a general update. Our apologies up front, but we've had a lot going on with the tour.  We're so thankful for this experience and the lessons we've learned from it. So much so that we've set our sights on bigger and better. Though we're doing less dates on this leg, they're looking to be more impactful.

That said, we are happy to announce that the tour schedule for the fall leg has been finalized!!! Again, y'all cannot begin to imagine what has gone…

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See Yourself Tour Dates 


This is a very exciting time! We are days away from the kickoff of the See Yourself Tour at Refuge Live!!! The preparation on this end is going very well and we're looking forward to producing some amazing shows. It has been an uphill battle and there have been some struggles behind the scenes, but we're looking forward to having a fulfilling and productive experience.  

Speaking of which, we are happy to announce that the tour schedule for the summer leg has been finalized!!! Y'all cannot…

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Ashley Laschelle - WomenInCharg3 Awards  

Two years ago today, Reflective Music held its first event for the first Reflective album at Music Garage. It was the Letting Go showcase for Ashley Laschelle's album release. Back then, the team consisted of Andre, Rhodela, and Brandi, with Ashley being our only client. D2G hosted and performed and Mr. Talented did an impromptu performance as well, but were not yet clients. We've come a long way since then. The evidence of such is shown in what has happened in the past few weeks. Not only did we have an…Read more

New Addition!!! 

At Reflective Music, we have always prided ourselves in being supportive and collaborative within and outside of our team. When considering bringing someone new to the team, numerous factors are considered including, but not limited to, talent, attitude, and fit. We are elated to announce that, after months of performances and recorded features, we have found a new team member in Katrina Valene.
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