New Addition!!!

At Reflective Music, we have always prided ourselves in being supportive and collaborative within and outside of our team. When considering bringing someone new to the team, numerous factors are considered including, but not limited to, talent, attitude, and fit. We are elated to announce that, after months of performances and recorded features, we have found a new team member in Katrina Valene.

Beautiful, talented, supportive, and positive, Katrina first worked with Reflective Music for the Against All Odds show last December as a background. After singing background with several live featured spots with Ashley Laschelle, she went on to work with D2G for The Seasonal Prequel's closing track, "Why Do You Run?" and acted in the Theori Stages debut performance of Slow Jams, Vol. 1: From Loss to Love.

"She is, without a doubt, one of the most positive people I have ever met," said Reflective Founder/CEO Andre DuBois. "She's been a constant supporter from since Day 1, always willing to do whatever she can to help. And her vocal range? Ridiculous. I can't begin to articulate how happy we are to have her aboard."  

Valene, a triple threat as a singer, actress, and model, is also an educator. Working as a substitute teacher for the Chicago Public Schools district, the artist encounters and shapes the minds of the youth on a regular basis. Katrina also has a history in radio from her time at Depaul University.

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