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This is a very exciting time! We are days away from the kickoff of the See Yourself Tour at Refuge Live!!! The preparation on this end is going very well and we're looking forward to producing some amazing shows. It has been an uphill battle and there have been some struggles behind the scenes, but we're looking forward to having a fulfilling and productive experience.  

Speaking of which, we are happy to announce that the tour schedule for the summer leg has been finalized!!! Y'all cannot begin to imagine what has gone on behind the scenes in order to get this done. Things would be solidified, but due to things out of our control, they would have to be changed. But now, we're all good and happy to share them with you!!!

Now, if you don't see your city on the list, contact us via the booking email on the bottom right and we'll work on getting something solidified for the second leg! If you're in any of these cities, we'd love to see you! If you know anyone in any of these cities, help us spread the word to the public! We want to do our best to connect with all of our supporters, take pictures, and possible link with new collaborators. Individual flyers with details per city are forthcoming. 

Also, again, as you can imagine, this is a Herculean task we're taking on, so any help we can get would be much appreciated. We have a capital campaign going, we have apparel available for purchase, and we have sponsorship opportunities for small businesses. So please, spread the word to those you feel would be interested in taking their brand across the country. We want to help those that believe in us. Let's all make it!!! 

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