See Yourself Tour Dates, Pt. 2


It's definitely been a while since we posted a general update. Our apologies up front, but we've had a lot going on with the tour.  We're so thankful for this experience and the lessons we've learned from it. So much so that we've set our sights on bigger and better. Though we're doing less dates on this leg, they're looking to be more impactful.

That said, we are happy to announce that the tour schedule for the fall leg has been finalized!!! Again, y'all cannot begin to imagine what has gone on behind the scenes in order to get this done. We've gone through a lot But now, we're all good and happy to share them with you!!!

If you look at the sole November date, you'll see that we're going international!!! Yes, Toronto will be our first show outside of the States and we couldn't be more thrilled. We'll also be closing the tour where we opened it: Our main headquarters, Chicago. That will be a special show for numerous reasons, but those announcements will come later. It's amazing that by the time we've finished, we will have been touring for six months, with three months of promotional touring before that. 2016 has definitely been our busiest year yet and we are already planning for 2017.

If you are in or around the areas we are touring, we'd love to see you. Make sure you get your tickets in advance (as they are cheaper) and let us know when you do so. We'll also have tour tees online for digital purchase soon, so make sure you stay on the lookout for those!

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